Floor painting in warehouses

Order and organization are key for workplace safety. In industrial warehouses, it is very important that the floor helps in these tasks. With heavy duty paints and wear resistant treatments, we create an improved flooring in warehouses. Visual indications on the floor help to keep order, and the specially treated surfaces remain clean for longer requiring less maintenance.

Our paint is made of two components, an epoxy resin base and a catalyzer. These components are diluted in a polyurethane solvent. The painting process starts by choosing the best paint for the pavement, taking into account the type of the material (concrete, steel, cement, etc.) and the desired resistance of the fish. The good resistance features of these finishes come from the drying process, that takes place after the reaction of the two components, when the solvent is dry.

Epoxy resin based paints offer the following features:

  • Water and harsh weather resistant. They are used to protect steel and concrete structures.
  • Chemical contaminants resistant. Very useful in parkings, workshops, industrial floors, etc.
  • Detergent resistant. They are are used in industrial laundries other locations that are subject to frequent aggresive cleaning or disinfection.